Classroom Rules-The 3 Be’s Posters and Gestures

Many of you who have attended my speaking engagements or professional development sessions have asked me about where you can find my classroom rules. Well, I am so excited to let you know that I finally have published “The 3 Be’s” rules and they are now available in my store! Rules are kind of like the flour in a […]

You’ve Got to PROVE IT! {a FUN song to show understanding!}

Hi my name is Becca Foxwell and I like to sing. It’s true. And as a result my kids sing. Everyday. We are constantly incorporating music into our learning! My love of music is not the only reason I utilize it in the classroom. There are so many benefits to integrating music into your classroom–but […]

We Like to Move It, Move It with Bouncy Bands!

When you have a classroom full of 6 and 7 year olds and need to keep them engaged and motivated to learn you have to get them MOVING!! We move and groove all day long with gestures, songs, and brain breaks. We’re on the carpet, we’re at the small group table, we’re in centers, we’re […]

Using Table Leaders to Build Leadership Skills

Students need to be equipped with skills to succeed and one of the areas that I love helping students grow in is in leadership skills. One of the ways that I build leadership skills in my classroom is by utilizing table leaders. If you haven’t used this idea before, I hope that today’s post will […]

Embracing Spring Fever

It was almost 80 degrees on Monday! 80 degrees felt so heavenly compared to the bitter cold winter we are still recovering from. My hubby and I went to visit family over the Easter weekend and we got inches of snow on Easter! Inches people!! Yes this would have been wonderful in December, but it’s […]

Using Black Sock as Erasers

 Happy Thursday friends! Or as I like to call it, Happy Friday Eve! In my classroom we use personal whiteboards every day! They are a wonderful {and copy/paper free} tool for learning in the classroom! Students love using them to show their work and I love using them to assess their learning! I love everything […]

Reuse Disinfecting Wipe Containers for Storage

Let’s just admit it–this picture pretty much summarizes how teachers feel about containers! Lol -gotta love that baby face!When I got my teaching job I was blessed to have lots of great math manipulatives, but most of them were in ziploc bags. Talk about teacher nightmare! They wouldn’t stay sealed or sit or stack well […]

Organizing Materials and Papers for the Week

Organization saves my sanity!! Honestly, truly!! If I’m not organized and ready for the week, I stress out! Big time!! Some may call it OCD, I just like to call it being prepared! 🙂 There is so much that happens in the classroom that you can’t be truly prepared for–like when your sweet little one […]

5 Ways to Keep Classroom Control without Yelling

  Today I am going to share 5 Ways to Keep Classroom Control without Yelling.   Before we dive into the 5 ways, let’s first chat about yelling: At the beginning of every year I make a promise to my students and parents that I will not yell at my students. I make this promise at back […]

Organizing Indoor Recess Toys

Let’s chat about indoor recess– Who knew that two little words could cause such a stir in teachers!? All teachers know that students NEED to be able to get that energy OUT! But the reality is that there are days when good ole mother nature has other ideas and we are stuck within the four […]