Classroom Rules-The 3 Be’s Posters and Gestures

Many of you who have attended my speaking engagements or professional development sessions have asked me about where you can find my classroom rules. Well, I am so excited to let you know that I finally have published “The 3 Be’s” rules and they are now available in my store!

Classroom Rules

Rules are kind of like the flour in a cookie-without it your classroom will fall flat. Students will flourish when there are high, yet attainable expectations that are set in love and held with consistency. I love these classroom rules because they are, what I consider, rules for life! They are rules I want to live by, and that I want my students to live by both in and outside of the classroom. The best thing is that everything I do in my classroom falls under these rules. Whether it’s how we come to the carpet, or how to take care of listening center, or what to do when you have conflict with a friend–everything falls under these 3 core rules and values of our classroom.


The 3 Be’s:

Rule #1-Be ready to listen and to learn

Rule #2-Be respectful, treat others the way that you want to be treated

Rule #3-Be responsible, make good choices


Kinesthetic movement is invaluable in our classrooms! It helps students remember and retain information better, and it is also fun! I created gestures to go along with each of the rules and have explained how to do them in this video. I also explain more about how these rules are rules for life!

These rule posters are available in my TPT store. Incase you want to save ink, I made them available in a white background in addition to the black background. Grab them HERE!


I hope that these rules are a great addition to your classroom expectations and management! Let me know if you have any questions!
Becca 🙂

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