Staying Organized with Erin Condren


Organization for me is a necessity. Call it Type A or OCD, regardless of the nametag I seriously cannot function without it both in the classroom and out of it! I’m a visual kind of girl–I need to see it all laid out and have what I need right at my fingertips. Whether it’s organizing my classroom materials for the week, having a routine for collecting papers or passing out manipulatives, or even having a spot for all of our indoor recess toys I’m all about having a system to help me work smarter and not harder.

Because let’s face it–life is busy and time is precious. Time is the one commodity we can never get more of and if you’re like me there are just never enough hours in a day to fit it all in. I also find myself under the constant battle of the urgent versus the important. The struggle of to do versus to be.  So I am always on the lookout for ways to help me find that allusive balance. Something that will help streamline the tasks and free me up to focus on the important people and relationships I am blessed to have in my life.

When I first came across Erin Condren life planners on my Instagram feed (because the people I follow have awesome taste!) I’m pretty sure I drooled. Seriously, have you seen how G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S they are. Then when I saw how well they were laid out and designed the organization of it just made my heart beat. I’m pretty sure Erin Condren and I are kindred spirits–this girl gets it!

Planner with Accessories

Erin Condren’s planners are:

  1. Beautiful–they make me want to sing “they’re so pretty, oh so pretty!”
  2. Functional–well thought out design, great layouts, and just enough space to keep my life in order
  3. Inspirational–her planners are filled with motivational quotes and always come with inspiring stickers, postcards and free goodies to try
  4. Practical–they are sturdy, well made, and the perfect size to carry with you. I take mine everywhere!!

I bought my first Erin Condren life planner in December 2015 after being named the 2016 Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year. I immediately fell in love with the “and so the ADVENTURE begins” cover because I thought it was so fitting for my new adventure!

First Planner

In the past I had kept a school calendar in my teacher binder and then my personal calendar on my phone, but when I had to start keeping track of another schedule that was impacted by my school and personal calendar I knew I needed a better system. As much as I love technology I still need to visually see things laid out on paper.

Erin Condren’s Vertical Life Planner

I looked at many different options for planners, but Erin Condren’s vertical life planner was the one that made the most sense to me. I love that I can put the 3 main areas of my life each week horizontally into each row, yet also vertically see the week so that I know how to best plan my time each day. I love the quote: “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” My planner helps me be as successful as I can be each week while balancing all of the different hats I wear. Does that mean I never fail? Absolutely not–we all make mistakes, and get messy! I’m in constant need of grace! But my planner is truly one of the tools I use to keep me sane and help me plan for success!


Here’s how I utilize the 3 rows of my Vertical Life Planner:

  1. Top Row: is for my teaching/school dates–meetings, deadlines, student birthdays, school functions, etc.
  2. Middle Row: is for my personal dates–doctors appointment, date nights with my hubby (a weekly favorite!), hair cuts (yes please! Does anyone else besides me just love getting your hair cut?) church activities, time with friends and family, etc.
  3. Bottom Row: is for my teacher of the year responsibilities–speaking engagements, phone calls, newsletter/blog deadlines, etc.

Now of course, your three rows will probably be a little different from mine, but the awesome thing is that you can make your Life Planner fit your needs! Some ideas on how to use the 3 rows in the vertical planner are:3 Rows

  1. Top Row: Work Schedule
  2. Middle Row: Home Schedule
  3. Bottom Row: Meals for the Week
  1. Top Row: Morning Schedule
  2. Middle Row: Afternoon Schedule
  3. Bottom Row: Evening Schedule
  1. Top Row: Work Schedule
  2. Middle Row: Kids/Sports Schedule
  3. Bottom Row: Exercise Schedule

Truly the possibilities are endless!

Personalized Planners

One of the many things that I LOVE about Erin Condren is that you can personalize your planner and even change the covers. This year I decided to put my theme for teacher of the year “Leaving Forever Fingerprints” on the cover and I can’t tell you how much I love how it turned out! Isn’t it pretty?!

New Planner

I felt like a little girl on Christmas morning when my Erin Condren box arrived! Can we just talk about how gorgeous the box it comes in is?! I *may* have kept mine to store other things in it.


This year I took a video revealing my box of goodies when it arrived–seriously I was giddy with excitement! See all of the great goodies that I received this year!

Accessories: One of each please! 

I’ve never been a big shoe girl or purse girl (I hear the gasps–I know, right? How did I miss out on that gene?!) BUT I love any accessory that keeps me organized and the cuter the better. Isn’t there something about pretty things that are inspiring?


Erin Condren has so many accessories and options that you can get along with your planner! I adore all of them and truly want one of each, but if if I had to narrow it down I to a few essentials I really love the stickers, pen holder, insertable dashboards (that you can use wet erase markers on!), elastic bands (that hold the book together) and pocket stickers.

$10 Off Coupon

I’m going to be candid and tell you that the only thing that held me back at first before I ordered my first planner was the price point. Anybody can just go out and get a cheap planner at the store BUT when I found out you could get $10 off your first purchase and gave it a try I can tell you that they are worth it! You get what you pay for and Erin Condren planners do not disappoint! I seriously do not know what I would do without my Erin Condren planner! One time I left it at home by accident and seriously was lost all day. So if you are on the fence, but would like to give Erin Condren planners a try you can click here or on the coupon below to get $10 off your first purchase!


(affiliate link–when you get $10 off your order I get $10 off my next purchase too. So we are both winning!!)

Erin Condren planners are one of my favorite things! I LOVE how they keep me organized and sane! Plus they are so beautiful and inspiring too! Do you use Erin Condren planners? If so, I’d love to hear how you use them! Or if you decide to try them let me know what you think!

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