The Power of Appreciation

Words have power. We talk a lot about this in first grade as we learn to be respectful–treating others the way that you want to be treated. Being respectful also just so happens to be the 2nd rule in our classroom: 
Words can build up or they can tear others down. When we talked about words that show respect and build others up, my students decided that “Thank you” is a very powerful word and is one that is important to use!
Thanking someone is a powerful way to show appreciation! A simple act of kindness can not only make a day, but can also change a life.
But life can be busy and if you’re like me you can struggle to find the balance between the urgent versus the important. It is so important to show appreciation to others yet the urgent emails, unending to-do list, and family that needs to eat and have clean clothes (ok, so family is important too, but sometimes I wish Cinderella’s animal friends could come and do my dishes and laundry!) seem to take precedence. So that note I wanted to write or the little gift I wanted to leave to brighten someone’s day gets pushed to the back burner.
I was tired of the urgent always taking priority and I wanted to be more intentional of putting appreciation into words for my amazing family, friends, co-workers, and volunteers around me! I am seriously blessed!! So last February (yes I said February) I started making Appreciation Gift Tags that would be cute (you’ve gotta have the cute!) and easy to use! The project started off as only planning to make 20 or so tags and than once I got started I just couldn’t stop! 80+ tags later along with a car accident, a move, and work for being a PA Teacher of the Year finalist I am so excited to have all the tags in one package!
This bundle includes over 80 gift tags at a deeply discounted price! Or you can get the four sets individually! Just click on the covers to check them out!
The Miscellaneous Themed Gift Tags are the perfect go-to tags for any occassion!
The Beverage Themed Gift Tags are a cool and refreshing way to show your appreciation!
 The Food & Sweet Themed Gift Tags will not only satisfy someone’s sweet tooth, but also brighten their day!
 And what teacher won’t be excited to receive an Office and Stationary themed gift!?
I love using these for my family, friends, co-workers, and volunteers and find them so easy to use! I just print, cut, and attach them to a gift! To help out during those times in life when the urgent fights the important I even made a bunch up ahead of time and have a gift drawer so I can just grab and go! 🙂
I even like to use the tags to surprise my hubby-I put this in his lunch!
All of these tags along with my entire store are on sale right now!
I appreciate you!! Thanks for hanging in there with me!! I know this blog has had crickets lately, but I have lots in the works and hope to bring them to you soon!

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